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Recovering forgotten Outlook password

recover Microsoft Outlook files

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If you are looking at this page, most probably the password for your mail is already lost or forgotten. Fortunately there is a way to recover your personal mail file in which Outlook stores all data including incoming and outgoing mail messages and your mail server account details.

You might not know this but Microsoft Outlook traditionally used weak cryptographic protection which enables us to restore lost Outlook password for the PST file within several minutes. The algorithm which forbids access to a sealed personal mail file is called 40 bit RC4 encryption. This protection has been analyzed by a number of security researchers during last ten years. There were several known problems discovered which allows us to open the locked Outlook PST files successfully. Later Outlook has switched to 128-bit strong encryption but we have modern techniques to unlock Outlook personal folder files (pst).

Newer versions of Microsoft Office implement better security so if you need to crack the password protection in Outlook versioned 2007 or later you have little chances of success when using your own personal PC. In this situation we offer you our high performance distributed servers which will work simultaneously to perform a customized brute force password search.

There are still good chances for you to restore your mail messages. Please note that we do not charge you in case we cannot restore your data.

What our users say

I have lost my password and was always getting error messages "The password you have typed is incorrect". This service really works and it helped me to get my Outlook mail back!

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