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According to recent studies performed by Microsoft (prove link) people don't really need frequent password changes. Although currently many IT departments perform sophisticated policies to force users to change their security credentials once in a particular period, the above mentioned research shows that such actions are actually useless.

The downside of these policies may be very well explained by the typical user of our service. Once you have forgotten your password, your life becomes miserable. You cannot access your data, you fail to open password protected document and you might loose all your previous work. This can result in significant loss of money if you would not find a way to recover the most precious bits of information.

Fortunately, users of Microsoft Word where dealing with such problems for quite a long time because there are several different ways to specify password-protection in MS Word document.

For example, there is "password to open", which simply blocks access to the data when user fails to enter the correct keyword while opening the encrypted document. There is also protection which forbids any modification of data known as password to modify.

Removing passwords in MS Word might be very resource consuming job especially if you are using latest versions of office software. However historically some older versions had major design flaws enabling us to create software which can recover password successfully.

If you are lucky to use versions Word 2.0-6.0 and Word 95 you have a good chance to restore your data instantly. However the success is based on the length of the document since we use statistical methods to search for a password.

Versions of Word 97 and 2000 have better algorithm but still there are good chances of success when short password is used. Most of the software tools perform brute force search which gives you nothing when strong passwords are used. Our service implements Express Recovery technology which ensures that all, even most complicated passwords are found.

Microsoft did much better job on Word 2007/2010 by implementing AES standard encryption. Recovering data in this way would be a compuationally hard process. In this case we utilize our high performance cluster to perform cloud based attack.

MS WORD password types

  This Service Desktop Password Recovery Software
Word, password to open, weak protection (95 and earlier)  
Word, password to open, 40 bit encryption (97, 2000, XP, 2003)
Word, password to open, advanced encryption (XP, 2003)  
Word 2007 and 2010, password to open
Word, all versions, other password types (password to modify, document protection password)  

What our users say

After has helped me to get my docs back I decided to write my story here as a sign of my appreciation. I moved to another country and my Word files are suddenly became corrupted. The error was: "This document has been password protected with an encryption scheme not available in this region. Word cannot open this document." I was so freaked out since I cannot complete my thesis in time but luckily these guys could restore all my stuff back!

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